The No Sex Business Escort

The term escort is rife with negative connotations, people simply think the term
implies the exchange of sexual services for money. However,
the term in its original and most basic form simply implies accompanying someone to do something.

While most escort agencies out there in North America do provide a sexual service,
there are a handful that offer strictly platonic services, including Platonic
Passions Personal Services Escort Agency in Toronto, Canada.

If there is no sex promised, why would anyone want to hire an escort?
There are multiple reasons. Some people are so involved with their careers
that they simply do not have time for relationships and simply want
companionship. Others need a date to accompany them on an upcoming occasion
such as a business conference companion or a holiday party.

Research shows that long lasting couples usually start out doing activities
they enjoy. At the Platonic Passions Personal Services Escort agency, we allow
clients to pay for personal services from our escorts, and in the process
get to know them a little better. Dinner dating, business escort,
personal assistant are just an example of a few hundred of personal services that
can be offered by our personal service escorts. whatever your companionship needs are, we at Platonic Passions is here to fill them. We understand that sometimes your companionship needs fall outside
just meeting someone for a date. At our site, you can ask someone to connect with you
being a being a business escort to formal function, be a sports partner, ask someone to go club with you, just about anything you wish. We understand that you also need companionship also in doing everyday activities. Throughout history there are examples
of people going into personal relationships after being in work-related situations.
In a work-related relationship, personalities are revealed and there is
often a delicate master/servant balance that matches the dominant/submissive needs structure in a relationship.

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